Author: Jeffrey Summers

The Parrot Conundrum

"When guests are angry, validate their emotions by saying, 'I can see/hear how angry this makes you.'" Wrong!

One-Trick-Pony Syndrome

This is the idea that no matter what bad things happens in the world in which you make your living, you always revert to a single tactic to survive the happening.

My Interview With

We recently had the opportunity to interview Jeffrey and have him answer some common marketing questions related to the hospitality industry. Let’s go!

More Bad Memes: Studying Negative Outcomes

Veer from your values and you find yourself in the weeds.

The Downside of Community Marketing Events

The brand message you put out into the community CANNOT, MUST NOT be diluted by lessor efforts. If it is, you become a commodity.

Transactional Thinking: Version #4

Headlines continue to read "Fast Food Workers Demand $15 An Hour"

Screaming Inadequacy

This is what you do when your internal growth processes are so broken, you can't grow enough people to meet the demand for these roles.

The Millennial Delusion

Thinking in the aggregate about people born roughly 15 years apart is an inane exercise - a marketing construct of the dumbest order.

The Million Dollar Question

In talking about recalibrating your business to achieve a higher level of success, what's your answer to this?

BurgerFi’s Three Steps to a Better Burger Experience – [video]

Other than 'newness' and a lack of 'legacy' what do they have that people crave?

The Four “A’s” of Employee Engagement

You hire people to achieve outcomes – namely growth. You don’t just hire them to create/manage inputs.

Training Culture Vs Learning Culture

Dr Rae Baum shared this list on LinkedIn from “Training Culture vs. Learning Culture” by Stephen J. Gill and I thought it was a great start and added to it. How else are the differences defined?

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