About Us

“Forget thinking ‘outside the box’. Especially when you haven’t exhausted all your ‘inside-the-box’ thinking first.”

~ Jeffrey Summers


Our Growthworx™ Project Management Programs includes all of our New Business Opening services and is a program for on-site- or off-site services during the opening of a new business, re-engineering of an existing business or for when you have a large project that you need an opening expert to help Coach you and your team through the process that takes your business to it’s next level – or two!

Areas covered by the business version can include:

  1. Concept Development
  2. Design & Build Management – Real Estate, Site Selection. Conversion Feasibility
  3. Architectural Design – Cost Assessment, Schematic Layout, 3-D Site Rendering, Final Architectural Plan Review, Complete Architectural Plans, Mechanical & Electric Design, Plumbing Layout, Signage
  4. Interior Design – Theme Integration, Color Selection, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Selection
  5. Construction Management – Complete Construction Services, Bid Review, Contractor Selection, Progressive Field Visits & Inspections, Draw Request Review & Approval, Punch List & Opening Approval
  6. TOH – Business & Marketing Plan Development, Brand & Concept Development, Business Organization and Establishment (Incorporation, LLC, etc…), Logo Design, Website Construction, Sales Programs, Systems & process Design, Manuals, Lease Negotiations, Operations, Policy Development, Site Selection and Lease Negotiation, etc…
  7. BOH – Menu Development & Engineering, Menu Layout & Design, Vendor Sourcing, Equipment Layout and Sourcing, Kitchen Design, etc…
  8. FOH – IT & POS Analysis, Service Initiatives, Staffing – Hourly & Mgmt, Bar & Beverage Development, Training Initiatives, Layout & Design, etc…


Additional areas covered by the hotel version can include:

  • Financial Management
  • People Equity
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Revenue Management
  • Much more…

You also receive six (6) full months of ongoing Coaching after you open to help keep you on course.

We have opened dozens of food-service and hospitality businesses from fast-food, pizza & cafeterias to upscale fine-dining and casual full-service venues and from budget to luxury resort properties for over 30 years. Let me put that kind of experience to work for you now – so that you don’t have to call me later to help solve problems that should have been planned for and achieved in the first place!

New & Existing Growthworx™ Projects Include:

  • Contract Management
  • Business Plan Creation & Support
  • Corporate Foodservice
  • Buying or Selling A Business
  • Catering Solutions
  • Online Ordering Solutions
  • Training & Coaching Programs
  • Cost Controls & Systems
  • Delivery & Takeout Programs
  • New Business Openings
  • Business Turnarounds
  • Business Management
  • Site Selection & Lease Negotiation
  • Restaurant Design & Layout
  • Retail Sales
  • Revenue Management
  • Sales Programs
  • P&L/Profitability Audits
  • Any Additional Areas You Need