Training Solutions

“Under Pressure, You Don’t Rise To The Occasion, You Sink To The Level Of Your Training. That’s Why We Train So Hard.

~ Heard From A Navy Seal

Train up or fall behind: that is the reality of the marketplace today. If you don’t find a way for you and your business to keep abreast of the latest skills, best practices, processes, technologies and market insights, you will quickly start to find yourselves at a disadvantage: missed business opportunities, outdated thinking, stale experiences, stalled growth and so on.

With a healthy dose of discipline and some diligence, anyone can stay current and ahead of the market, but doing it on your own takes a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of sifting through incomplete information and dubious market data. You have a business to run, you are responsible for delivering results, and your calendar is already full. What to do? Simple: hire someone with extensive hands-on knowledge of the topics and skills that you and your team need help with to deliver fast and effective training.

Training Is The Ultimate Point of Differentiation

SHG has trained thousands of professionals, from C-level executives to hourly employees.

The ongoing training and coaching programs and processes offered by most operators we have worked with around the world, were found to be either extremely weak or non-existent. So based on that need, we have created HospitalityCamp™ & RestaurantCamp™ to help provide business operators with an ongoing coaching and training solution. This will help you raise the performance levels of your team and thus their ability to lead and manage the business to higher levels of success.

These training and coaching programs are designed specifically for regional/multi-unit managers, unit managers or staff. Each program can be brought to your location or you can send your team to ours. Making it both flexible and cost-effective.

Training services range from one-on-one executive level sessions to 1/3/5 day training events, and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organization at your location or ours.

Flexibility and adaptability are teaching assets: depending on your internal culture, the training format can range from an informal, open discussion work group to a master-class style setting followed by an internal certification program. However, if you don’t see what you need or want, just call us and we can design and execute a program built to address your specific needs, to be delivered by us at your site. No other company or offering makes it this easy to provide your team or staff, affordable and powerfully effective training and coaching solutions.

Follow-Up: All programs also include 3 months of ongoing Coaching for all participants which begins immediately after the initial program is completed. This is one of the most powerful features of our program design and creates immediate and long-lasting impact in your business as well as in the lives of your employees.

How We Can Helphelp

At its heart, business development is all about figuring out how fundamental forces can be combined together to create opportunities for growth.

I’ve spent the best part of 33+ years building successful hospitality businesses. But I’m never surprised at the failure rates for our industries: 24% of you will go out of business in your first year – 76% by year three.

Why? It all boils down to this: The operator did not know what he didn’t know. And it killed his business.

We have spent decades successfully honing our abilities and experience to understand how to create/build/manage/lead great hospitality businesses. We can help you design, finance, build, staff, train, create, market, and duplicate a successful hospitality business.

Our intense, professional programs can make a tremendous impact on your business by focusing on the fundamentals:

  • Perspective – Build your vision into a long-term success from the beginning.
  • People – Attract, hire, grow and retain world-class talent.
  • Performance –  Systems and process design and implementation.
  • Products  – Create the best tactics to use in rounding out your businesses sales potential.
  • Profits – Build sales and profits through a focus on creating steady long-term success. Create a more profitable and effective brand presence in the eyes, minds and hearts (and wallets) of your community.

Where does your opportunity lie?