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The Five Easy Pieces Theory illustrates your concern for the quality of the guest experience. We gladly go out of our way to provide a level of hospitality that is personal, meaningful and unique.


View the clip below, from the movie Five Easy Pieces starring Jack Nicholson, wherein he places an order in a not-so-hospitable business. The waitress makes it clear that they did not serve whole wheat toast. Nicholson noted on the menu that the chicken salad sandwich came on whole wheat bread.

The annoyed waitress points to the menu where it read, “No Substitutions” and the sign which pointed out that they “Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone.”

Becoming highly irritated at the inflexibility of the waitress, Nicholson ordered a chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat toast, but todl the waitress to hold the mayo, hold the lettuce and hold the chicken salad and just bring him the whole wheat toast – and even offered to pay for the complete sandwich.

Unwisely, she asked where she should hold the chicken salad and Nicholson sarcastically responded, “…between your knees!” After which he left the business – irritated, upset and rightly so.

You are responsible for training and Coaching your employees that any guest request within reason will be honored. Many managers and employees take requests one step further and move heaven and earth to provide each guest with exactly what they want, even if it takes more effort than one person can muster.

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