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Hotel Sales Social Media Extravaganza

Hot 100 Gems You Tell Your Sales Team With 5 Social Media Tips to Make You Rich

Here are the Hot 100 Gems You Tell Your Hotel Sales Team to Build the Ultimate Selling Machine With 5 Social Media Tips to Enrich Your Hotel Property Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

There. I did it. I satisfied the Google search engine Gods once again and hopefully upped my relevance meter on Yahoo and am trending even higher on Twitter. Now we can get down to business.

But what business you ask? The economy’s in the toilet so who’s going to travel this summer and stay in our wonderful hotel? And what will we do when Facebook fails and takes our Social Media initiatives with it? Those are the question of the week!

Anybody who wasn’t in a cave in the Rockies heard about the IPO for Facebook and the assorted, sordid details that accompanied the story. The IPO didn’t perform as expected. Insider trading rumors leaked to the press. Now the investors are suing Facebook and Morgan Stanley, the Feds are investigating everyone and Zuckerberg appeared so out of touch with reality he picked last week to get married.

Then we listen to more news about the trillions of dollars of debt our country carries and the euro crisis in Greece and the instability in the Middle East and we realize Armageddon’s right around the corner. Time to start thinking about cutting staff and preparing for a slow summer of travel and light bookings for the hotel industry. I’m getting scared just thinking about all this tragedy.

Except I’m not.

When I finished listening to the broadcast about the Facebook IPO, the newscaster announced, “You can follow this story and other news of the day on our CNN   Facebook page and catch breaking news on Twitter @cnnbrk.” The people who had just announced to the world the news of the Facebook travesty told us to follow them on…Facebook….and Twitter. Imagine that. Trust me, these free platforms are here to stay and I can show you how to utilize them to successfully market your hotel.

And as far as the economy is concerned don’t worry about that either. I ran a sales initiative the past calendar year for a major hotel consortium. My team INCREASED SALES, REVPAR and PROFITABIITY in the most desperate economic environment this country has experienced since The Great Depression. Gas prices are dropping, people will continue to travel and I can show your hotel sales team just how they can prosper no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

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You Have Two Options:

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About Toni Jacaruso

With more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Toni Jacaruso offers clients deep insight and expertise in sales, marketing and social media. Embracing engagement over outdated, pushy sales tactics, she teaches people how to close sales and increase revenue. She knows how to dovetail social media with cutting-edge sales strategies to reach an ever-more knowledgeable and sophisticated consumer.

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