Starburst Play Theory

The Starburst Play Theory demonstrates that a team can achieve its outcomes with well executed play. To achieve these outcomes, all players must understand the goal, plan and be properly trained and guided in their performance.

The Theory

If your management team has been working on the same problems or striving to reach the same goal for an extended period of time, you may be ‘Starbursting’.

An analogy is a poorly executed play in football, the ‘Starburst Play.’ You may know the goal (touchdown) but you don’t have a game plan (what has to happen, by when, to what standard).

Your players (employees) don’t know their role in achieving that goal nor are they trained to carry out their responsibilities. With no clear game plan, the plan is destined to fail.

Your team needs a well executed play where the means to accomplish the goal are clearly communicated to all the players. Each player knows their role in the plan and is trained to carry it out. You job is to Coach them 80% of the time and follow-up the other 20% of the time.

You Have Two Options:

  1. Grow your business.
  2. Make excuses.

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Jeffrey Summers - Founder/Principal, Summers Hospitality Group
Jeffrey Summers - Founder/Principal, Summers Hospitality Group
Jeffrey has spent over 3 decades in various Marketing, Operations and Business Development roles in corporate, franchise and independent concepts. He is widely recognized by his peers as one of the leading voices in the Foodservice/Hospitality industries. As a hospitality business expert, Jeffrey now devotes most of his time to helping owners/operators and their organizations both create and achieve their business objectives. Jeffrey's clients include: fast food, QSR's, casual full-service, fine-dining, private clubs and banquet facilities, hotel/foodservice, resorts, sports facilities, corporate dining. catering businesses and retail concepts. About Jeffrey. 
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