“You should only work with people who have successful experience in actually doing what it is you want to do. Everything else is just theory or worse.”

Who We Are

My Mission Is Simple: To help Hospitality leaders achieve positive, sustainable growth in themselves, their staffs and their businesses.

My company, Summers Hospitality Group,  is a full-service consulting group located in Fort Worth that provides strategic directions for food & beverage driven Hospitality brands including new concept development, recalibrating existing brands, driving technology solutions, marketing strategies, f&b menu development & engineering and other game changing Hospitality brand initiatives.

We work with restaurants, hotels, retail and any other business or organization that demands the experiences they deliver be ‘Best Experiences’. Our work with businesses achieves four things:

  1. Help you identify areas of opportunity for growth and success.
  2. Create the strategies & tactics necessary to achieve it.
  3. Work to deliver those outcomes.
  4. Develop a successful, lifelong partnership with you.
What We Do

We help our client-partners achieve real-world success.

I started this consultancy in 2000 to assist operators in solving complex strategic and operational problems from diagnosis to implementation. Since then, our business has grown and evolved to become its own, very successful business.

For our clients, this translates into:

  • Speed and flexibility. Our clients achieve impact faster through flexible, tailored solutions delivered by successful and experienced people who’ve been there and done that and a suite of unique proprietary resources, ranging from rapid diagnostic tools to off-site training facilities.
  • Distinctive, lasting impact. We enable sustainable improvement to business performance by building capabilities, engaging with all levels and functions within the business and emphasizing continuous learning.
  • Unparalleled expertise. Our network delivers targeted, specialized knowledge and solutions to our clients throughout the United States and around the world.
  • Thoughtful integration of operations and strategy. No firm bridges the gap between strategy and operations like we do. We bring our clients the best thinking of our collective organization on the forces that are shaping the future of business, culture, and society, culled form working with the most successful operators for four decades.

Our team combines the comprehensive business understanding that underpins all Hospitality disciplines with practical operations expertise. We have served hundreds of clients from big, medium and small businesses and have deepened our expertise across the total range of segments.

Our Expertise

Our Coaching and consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, growth, performance improvement, organization, analytics, information technology, culinary, beverage, service, real world results, social/digital, new business openings, guest experience design, marketing/branding across all sectors and geographies. We bring intensive, pragmatic and successful expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across every experience of any organization. We deliver a proven multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Guest|Employee Experience Design

In-depth guest insights combined with economic and operational fundamentals


Predicting, measuring and managing risk associated with change management


Identifying opportunities and developing business cases to make sustainable growth a source of on-going and long-term value.

Digital|Social Business

Deliver on core strategy, amplifying guest experiences and operate smarter and faster

New Business Opening

From site selection to grand opening.

Information Technology

Realizing the full potential of IT resources, investments and assets.


Strategic experience and analytical expertise combine to enable better decision making and create long-term value.

Performance Development

Enabling businesses to grow revenue, improve margins and reposition quickly.


Engineering guest loyalty


Development, marketing and engineering for optimal sales and profitability


Ensuring the entire business is aligned and set up to successfully deliver on all goals and objectives.


Tailored solutions that deliver results and achieve sustained growth.

Why Choose Me

Six (6) things put us miles ahead of any other consulting firm or individual consultant:

Strategic Thinking

We believe you have to know where you are today in order to map out a route to where you want to be tomorrow or next month or next year. We’ve helped literally hundreds of owners reach the destinations they set out for their businesses by mapping the routes through which they can arrive faster and more successfully. We make it part of our business to be current on roadblocks, detours, shortcuts, trends, systems, etc. And as in all of our relationships with clients, our interest is NEVER about the short term.

Bespoke Solutions

All of our programs are built to make you a success. Which means we build them according to your specific and unique needs. This doesn’t mean we “customize” them to fit your business (which means nothing more than taking a templated program and tweaking it to fit your situation). We personalize them 100% from the beginning to ensure that we leverage every unique aspect of your business in order to innovate your ability to create success. This is a very critical difference.

Innovation vs Problem Solving

Our core business philosophy is that fixing problems or resolving issues isn’t enough. That real improvement requires innovating both your business and your business thinking so that you can innovate through the gap between your actual performance and your vision for success.

Successful Experience

There’s a big difference between years of ‘business experience’ and years of ‘successful business experience’. Just because someone’s been in business for ‘X’ number of years doesn’t mean they’ve had success or even more importantly, evolved their actual knowledge and understanding of how to build success. We’ve been building successful hospitality businesses for four decades.


Our efforts will enhance your leadership and management abilities as well as your understanding of business in such a dramatic way that you will capture & retain new guests, grow your business, build your brand, kick-start your top line and take more cash to the bank.


We strive to achieve a minimum 1,000% return on your investment (ROI). What does that mean to you? If the program we agree on that will help you achieve the level of success you desire requires an investment of $10,000, then the return (through lower costs or increased sales or a combination of both) will be a minimum of $100,000.

My Value

Just as a Coach adds value by helping athletes stay fit and refine their technique and strategy, we add value by helping Restaurant & Hotel Owners, Operators and Managers determine where improvement dollars are optimally invested.

We help you discover how your performance measures up to, and how it might be made to exceed, that of the best. And we help you plan for the future by choosing the most suitable path for growth that fits into your specific long range plans for success.

These are extremely powerful and intense programs.

My Guarantee

Honestly? No one can guarantee that you will have success with any program or service offered by anyone. My level of guarantee to you is based on your level of ambition, self-discipline and commitment to the change you seek as well as your desire to listen, comprehend and act on our advice. My job is really to be in your face with the truth, whether or not you like it, or agree with it. You will never be able to say that you were never told about or never shown something important to your success. If you don’t want to hear the truth about you or your business, then these programs are not for you.

I can guarantee you will understand why you’re not having the success you really want and deserve and what you should be doing to build a thriving and successful business. Then, if you decide to do something to change your situation, I will show you how to do so – on your own, with my help and support.

I can also guarantee my effort to make you a success or I will work for free until you are satisfied that we have done everything possible on our end to help you build the best business.

So how does that work you ask?

Click on my Performance Guarantee here.
The Bottom LIne

Here are three amazing benefits of having a coach and participating in coaching – they are in fact three indisputable reasons why everyone needs a coach:

  1. You get better.
  2. You get better faster.
  3. Eventually you become your own coach.

Try it for yourself and see!

What I Won't Do
  1. I can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped, and I don’t try.
  2. I give you my very best advice. Whether you accept it and act on it is a commentary on you, not me.
  3. If there are three options and I suggest the first, but you prefer the second and I think it will work, I will help you. But if you prefer a third that clearly won’t work, I’m not going to help you to fail.
  4. I don’t do ‘cookie cutter’ programs. Most consultants or ‘coaches’ will offer you the same product, calibrated the same way, used on every ‘client’ they have ever come across. It’s amateurish in the least and mediocrity at best. I learn your business. I understand your market and the context for both that will create an innovation strategy that pushespulls drags you into playing at a higher level.
  5. I don’t do hourly fees. They’re unethical and the surest sign of an amateur.
  6. I don’t do band-aids. A lot of clients initially call wanting this or that just to quickly get rid of something painful. However, most of the time “this or that” is not what they need. I dig deeper into the issues and come up with a course of action that doesn’t just fix what’s broken (‘fixing’ things never sticks and doesn’t work long-term) but innovates their business so that the issue ceases to ever need to be fixed again. That’s real success.
  7. I involve everyone. Every engagement becomes an “all hands on deck’ situation. That includes managers, hourly staff and even guests.
  8. I return all phone calls within 90 minutes. And if I can’t, I’ll call you to tell you when I will call you back – within 90 minutes.
  9. I work quickly.  This isn’t rocket surgery. I’ve been doing this for four decades. People with my level of successful experience should be able to give you answers once they have all the facts.
  10. I don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Most successful operators already do lot’s of things that are good for them, so I just double down on those and force them to stop doing things that are inhibiting growth. It really is that simple – it’s just not that easy.

I challenge behavior. I’m not your ‘yes’ man. I’m your ‘yes we can’ man. I will tell show you what you need to do differently in order to achieve your business goals – whether you want to hear the truth or not. With me, you have no choice but to listen. I also don’t care if ‘that’s how you’ve always done it’. Anchoring yourself to any single course of action is just plain dumb.

I think differently. At my core is a focus on creating meaningfully differentiated value for both your guests and your business. I turn things upside down and inside out until I get at the real issues which will drive real outcomes.

I believe in a deliverable ROI. When you engage me, you are investing in your business and your people. There should always be a measurable return on that investment. You should also know what that will be prior to engaging me.

How We Make You Better

Based on our research and experience working with top leaders in companies around the globe, managers need the following to excel:
  1. Clear Goals and Expectations: According to a Lock and Latham Study, with clear goals and expectations managers saw a 16% improvement.
  2. Training: According to an ASTD Study, companies in top quarter of training expense ($1,500 per year or more) average 24% higher profit margins.
  3. Communication: According to a Wyatt Study, with good communication there was a 30% increase in market value.
  4. Coaching: According to the Personal Management Association, coaching yielded an 88% positive impact.
  5. Leadership Flexibility: According to Blanchard, Hersey, Goleman, managers that incorporated leadership flexibility saw 15%-20% more results.
  6. Recognition: According to a Jackson ROI Study, there was a triple return on equity for companies with more recognition than those companies who do less.
  7. Promotions/Incentives: According to the Performance Improvement Institute, promotions and incentives had a 22% impact on results.
  8. Guest Loyalty: According to a Bain Research study, a 5% improvement in Guest retention improves profit 25% or more.
  9. Hiring: According to the Personnel Policy Service, the right hire saves 3 times the annual salary
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