About The Business of Hospitality

Every Guest, Every Experience, Every Day

Excellent Hospitality does not simply come from a friendly transaction or helpful technology or a beautiful location — it is the result of truly understanding your guest’s expectations and values and utilizing the right guidelines, standards and talent in place to create an exceptionally, unique and meaningful experience. When an organizational framework properly unites its people, place and process by putting the guest at its core, exceptional experiences are created across all touch points. This builds greater intent to return and recommend, as well as a stronger competitive edge. With more than four decades of building successful Hospitality businesses, no one understands this better than SHG.

SHG helps individuals and businesses reimagine their results by transforming exceptional guest service into a culture unified by a common purpose. Once people, place and processes are aligned with a common purpose and quality standards, employees at the front line are empowered to perform because they are equipped with the right tools and clear service expectations. When team members’ behaviors are reinforced through positive feedback, they are inspired to continue delivering extraordinary Hospitality. In short, employees who feel valued and appreciated will make sure their guests do as well.

In sharing our approach to Hospitality, we understand that no two businesses are the same, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. SHG provides professional development programs suited for professionals to illustrate our unique philosophy behind the success of Hospitality Fundamentals. By immersing ourselves within your businesses culture, we also offer custom business solutions designed to enable organizations to adapt SHG strategies through a tactical roadmap for transforming your operation.

At its heart, business development is all about figuring out how fundamental forces can be combined together to create opportunities for growth:

  • Perspective – Build your vision into a long-term success from the beginning.
  • People – Attract, hire, grow and retain world-class talent.
  • Performance –  Systems and process design and implementation.
  • Products  – Create the best tactics to use in rounding out your businesses sales potential.
  • Profits – Build sales and profits through a focus on creating steady long-term success. Create a more profitable and effective brand presence in the eyes, minds and hearts (and wallets) of your community.

We’ve spent over four decades building successful hospitality businesses. But I’m never surprised at the failure rates for our industries:

  • 24% of you will go out of business in your first year
  • 76% by year three.

Why? It all boils down to this: The operator did not know what he didn’t know. And it killed his business.

We understand how to create/build/manage/lead great hospitality businesses. We can help you design, finance, build, staff, train, create, market, and duplicate it’s success.

Our services and years of successful experience are available for you to use to build your own success. As a full-service agency we have the talent and resources to help you with everything from strategic planning to Day 1 and beyond.

Where does your opportunity lie?

About The Business of Hospitality | Jeffrey Summers