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My Coaching Programs Are Designed To Do Three (3) Things:

1. Produce Results

What good is a program if it doesn’t help/move/motivate/inspire you to get things done? This program will do that – IF you’re ready to make the commitment to working on your business and not merely in your business. Then I will Coach you to achieve your business goals!

I don’t think your goal is to spend a small fortune on books, tapes and manuals, then let them sit on your bookshelf collecting dust. So I don’t sell you a book of systems and forms. I Coach you on how to get things done in your business – how to execute on a daily basis in order to achieve the success you want. Plus, I give you (read free!) the operational systems as a part of your Coaching experience.

2. Create Value

We create value two ways:

  • I personalize the Coaching experience for you, your staff and your business. This isn’t cookie cutter or lowest common denominator stuff, we take an honest and realistic look at you and your business – where both are at today. Then we work towards taking you to the next level by using real-world, proven, get-it-done systems and processes used by some of the most successful Hospitality businesses in the world. Big or small, new, old or anything in between – makes no difference.
  • We focus on innovating your business and your thinking – not solely on solving problems. We do this because solving problems does nothing but get you back to the same level of execution you were at before you encountered the problem. Innovation is what propels you forward.

3. Keep Investments To A Minimum And ROI At A Premium

A Coaching program can be powerful and not cost you a gazillion dollars. Everyone who wants to build the best business should be able to afford the help to do so.

We also think you should be able to know – up front – what the ROI will be. Our goal is always to achieve a 1,000% ROI for you and your business. We believe in this so much, we put in it our guarantee!

We will cover the multitude of areas that are huge opportunities waiting for you to take advantage of, all in a single Coaching package.

Why? Because you shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to learn about a single segment of this business ( i.e. food cost, beverage cost, marketing, menus, etc…) then have to do it all over again when you encounter or want to grow into another segment (i.e. catering, 2nd stores, retail, etc… ).

Begin Building A Competitive Advantage Today

Then add a business coaching system designed with your employees in mind which offers the following benefits:

  1. Increased Productivity: SHG strives for a 10-fold return on investment (ROI) on Coaching
  2. Improved Job/Employee Fit: Many employees need objective and ongoing feedback and Coaching is the perfect model for this. Employees who are part of a career and talent development initiative, including Coaching, have a plan for progressing professionally.
  3. Increased Sales & Profits: The Gallup organization has documented that companies whose employees are engaged (well matched to their jobs and enjoying what they do) lead to increases in the most critical bottom-line metrics: sales and profits.
  4. Improved Morale & Engagement: Employees who feel valued will perform best, stay longer and contribute more both the business ability to drive top line sales and bottom line profits.
  5. Sustained and Enhanced High Performance: Gone are the days when coaches were used only to address performance problems. Now Coaches are used to optimize the high performers by keeping them moving on to new challenges to contribute to the business.

For pricing and other options see “SHG Program Pricing”

There are eight formal coaching steps that the best leaders and the worst bosses do differently. To gauge where you stand on the coaching spectrum, evaluate how you do in each of these areas:

  1. Communicate clear performance goals and expectations.
  2. Meet regularly in one-on-ones for coaching.
  3. Ask for a summary of results and activities.
  4. Set plans and commitments.
  5. Keep commitments and action plans.
  6. Praise progress and recognize positive results.
  7. Provide timely and regular feedback and guidance.
  8. Make the time to coach in formal one-on-ones and build positive relationships with high expectations.

We Build Strong Brands

Summers Hospitality Group’s programs are focused on optimizing results and helping operators maximize their business’s potential. After discussing your needs and opportunities, we customize a proposal that contains specific objectives, measures, and options for how we may work together to achieve your desired outcomes.

We engage in all aspects of hospitality management and have a proven track record in developing brands and turning these brands into market-leading businesses. We provide systems and services that improve all areas of your hospitality business.

The Bottom Line

Here are three amazing benefits of participating in our programs – they are in fact three indisputable reasons why everyone should:

  1. You get better.
  2. You get better faster.
  3. Eventually you become your own business coach.

Try it for yourself and see!