“The Purpose of Coaching”

Summers Hospitality Group offers a range of coaching and mentoring services designed to help owners, operators, managers and other business leaders who are dissatisfied with the status quo propel themselves and their organizations to the next level of success. Program participants are results-oriented individuals who seek to enhance their business and personal performance, effectiveness, and leadership skills. They are open to considering alternative approaches, and they agree to accept and consider constructive feedback and to change behaviors as necessary.

Business Coaching

Coaching is a structured program designed to help and inspire business leaders accelerate their personal and professional growth through the application of practical, results-based engagements. Here are some sample coaching objectives:

  • Establishment of a clear vision for the organization
  • Increased strategic focus
  • Rapid achievement of organizational and personal goals
  • Increased ability to inspire others to achieve success
  • Greater personal and organizational productivity
  • More effective leadership due to improved influencing skills
  • Enhanced competencies such as decision-making and problem-solving
  • personal and organizational accountability
  • More collaborative teamwork

We offer three types of programs: individual, group, and on-demand.

How We Make You Better

Based on our research and experience working with top leaders in companies around the globe, managers need the following to excel:
  1. Clear Goals and Expectations: According to a Lock and Latham Study, with clear goals and expectations managers saw a 16% improvement.
  2. Training: According to an ASTD Study, companies in top quarter of training expense ($1,500 per year or more) average 24% higher profit margins.
  3. Communication: According to a Wyatt Study, with good communication there was a 30% increase in market value.
  4. Coaching: According to the Personal Management Association, coaching yielded an 88% positive impact.
  5. Leadership Flexibility: According to Blanchard, Hersey, Goleman, managers that incorporated leadership flexibility saw 15%-20% more results.
  6. Recognition: According to a Jackson ROI Study, there was a triple return on equity for companies with more recognition than those companies who do less.
  7. Promotions/Incentives: According to the Performance Improvement Institute, promotions and incentives had a 22% impact on results.
  8. Guest Loyalty: According to a Bain Research study, a 5% improvement in Guest retention improves profit 25% or more.
  9. Hiring: According to the Personnel Policy Service, the right hire saves 3 times the annual salary

Individual Coaching

First, I’ll talk with you personally to determine whether we can meet your needs effectively. If so, we identify specific objectives and measures that will guide our work, then I will write a proposal with several options of how we can achieve the designated outcomes. For maximum effectiveness, the program is customized to your needs and lasts six months. Individual coaching may include any of the following methods of interaction:

  • Scheduled phone calls
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Observation of your interactions with stakeholders
  • Interviews with individuals who interact with you on a regular basis to obtain feedback on your leadership abilities
  • Unlimited access to Jeffrey via e-mail and phone for quick questions and feedback
  • Feedback on your written communications

Group Coaching

This option is for individuals who prefer to enhance their coaching experience by working with a small peer group. Each individual undergoes a pre-program interview to ensure he or she is a good fit for a given group.

In addition to identifying issues that the group chooses to address (e.g., accountability, interpersonal skills), each member chooses specific business and/or personal objectives for which he or she is held accountable.

Each group coaching program lasts between four and six months and may include a combination of in-person, telephone, and on-line meetings. It also includes limited or unlimited individual e-mail and phone access to Jeffrey, depending on how the program is structured. Please contact us for more information about our small group coaching programs.

On-Demand Coaching

On-demand coaching is designed to respond to quick questions and issues that do not warrant a full-scale coaching engagement. We offer immediate and longer-term options that include follow-up accessibility via e-mail and phone.

For development of your staff, you may want to consider our workshop offerings.

Coaching Methods

Depending on objectives and the organization’s environment, Jeffrey employs a variety of coaching methods to help coachees elevate their performance. these include, but aren’t limited, to:

  • Strategic Planning. Work with the leader in “planning the plan”, and facilitating team involvement in its development and execution.
  • Shadowing. Accompany the leader on their rounds and observe their behavior. A feedback session afterwards gives the opportunity to share insights and suggest changes.
  • Problem-solving. Once a problem has been identified, we help the leader develop a solution. After the solution has been implemented, we provide feedback on the results.
  • Process-building. Help design a process to do things in a new or different way. This eliminates frequent changes and decision-making on the run.
  • Scripting. Developing scripts for handling specific situations enables the leader to learn to respond effectively to others.
  • Skills training. This could involve helping the leader learn a new skill, such as making an effective presentation.
  • Reading. We stay up-to-date on current management literature and theory and can assign leaders topics for study in areas they need to strengthen or become more familiar with.
  • Organizing. Providing a plan to help an leader manage time, priorities, the office and support staff helps many leaders be more effective immediately.
  • Mentoring. Ask some leaders to work briefly with a mentor to learn a new skill.
  • Team-building. Improving the effectiveness of the leader’s team can also boost their effectiveness. This could include helping the leader write a plan for his team to follow.
  • Delegating. Many leaders need to be coached on what, when and how to delegate to others. Developing delegation skills can substantially improve an leader’s effectiveness.
  • Managing conflict. Confronting and resolving conflicts frees up energy and time. Teach the leader how to prevent conflict and how to diffuse it once it occurs.
Bespoke Solutions

All of our programs are built to make you a success. Which means we build them according to your specific and unique needs. This doesn’t mean we “customize” them to fit your business (which means nothing more than taking a templated program and tweaking it to fit your situation). We personalize them 100% from the beginning to ensure that we leverage every unique aspect of your business in order to innovate your ability to create success. This is a very critical difference.

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