SHG Payments & Expense Guidelines

  • All fees are required in advance to begin your program or to claim a place on the waiting list if applicable. (First come first served basis)
  • Fees may be paid in installments, but your program does not begin until payment(s) have been completed. Contact me to discuss options and a payment schedule. No extra charges or fees are associated with any payment schedule(s).
  • We will accept most major credit cards, cashier’s check’s, money orders and company and personal checks.
  • Company, personal or cashier’s checks must clear our bank prior to your program’s start and are subject to any and all “return check fees” for any reason and are accepted via PayPal. If a PayPal link does not exist on the package page you need, I will email an invoice to you which will allow you to input your information and apply payment there. Please note that checks can take up to 10 business days to process and all programs or services will not begin until all checks have cleared our bank.
  • If paying by money order, please contact me and I will reply to you with the appropriate invoice.
  • Return your check or money order: made out to: Jeffrey Summers and mailed to:
    Summers Hospitality Group
    1097 Schoolhouse Road
    Haslet, Texas 76052
  • All fees are non-refundable, no exceptions! However, you may call a “freeze” at any point, at which time we stop the calendar, for up to 12 months, until you’re ready to begin again.
  • PIFUF Discount: Pay in full, upfront and receive a 10% discount on all programs valued at $500 or more.

Things to Consider

  • Travel/Geography. We have one fixed price for all week-long (5 business days) travel and accommodation expenses anywhere in the continental United States – $1500.00, which can be paid (for longer engagements) on a month-to-month basis. Outside of the lower 48, we expense travel and accommodation at cost based on pre-planned travel rates.  After working with clients in 49 states and 13 countries, the one thing that sticks out most about location is that it doesn’t matter. Planes, trains and automobiles make it easy to get anywhere relatively cheap and easy.  Even with international travel, it’s no longer an issue. The question is, what is the most effective means of accomplishing the goal?
  • Workload. How much of the actual work will you do and how much do you need us to do? Most projects involve both Coaching and Consulting. Obviously, the more work you or your team are able to do, the more economical the project.
  • ROI. This is a business investment and like all business investments, it should have a stipulated return. We will analyze your situation and give you what we think is an achievable return (in $$$).
  • Free consultation. When in doubt, just ask.
  • Guarantees. See the SHG Guarantee. 
  • Tax Deduction(s): Most professional service fees (consulting, legal, accounting, etc…) are tax deductible as a business expense. Check with your accountant to ask about your specific situation.
  • Flat Fees vs. Hourly Fees. Each project is priced based on the specific needs of the client. SHG® charges flat fees for each program or service – there are NEVER any hourly fees or added fees or hidden fees – nor do we ever agree to any “profit sharing scheme”.
    Why? The way we see it, clients are best served by innovating their business or achieving opportunities as quickly as possible. Prolonging the efforts to do so, for purely financial reasons on the consultant’s part, is totally unethical and a true sign of an amateur.

Travel & Accommodation Expenses

  • Travel and accommodation costs, which are associated with all on-site programs, are all based on the cheapest air, hotel and car rental fares available at the time of booking and are billed at the end of each travel time frame unless different means are agreed to prior to the start of the project. I endeavor to keep your costs as low as possible throughout the entire process.
  • If travel and accommodations are booked and are non-refundable and you decide to cancel or change the times of your participation, you will still be billed the costs associated with the travel & accommodation booked.
  • All travel & accommodation costs can be paid for in advance at a flat fee per week of travel, based on the requirements of each individual project. This usually saves you money since most costs exceed this amount.
  • Any upgrades to any fares or accommodations are at the sole discretion, and responsibility of Summers Hospitality Group.
  • Travel and accommodation plans and schedules may be changed at any time but will always be communicated to the client as soon as any exigency arises that would necessitate such a change. All costs or expenses incurred for any changes made by Summers Hospitality Group to any itinerary will be the responsibility of Summers Hospitality Group.

All SHG program policies are subject to change without notice. However, if a policy change will impact any existing program you are engaged in, you will be notified of the change and the appropriate accommodations will be made for your project.

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