Our Work

We’re A Global, Full-Service Hospitality Consultancy

We design and build meaningfully differentiated experiences for your business, staff and community.

We work with restaurants, hotels, retail and any other business or organization that demands the experiences they deliver be ‘Best Experiences’. Our work with businesses achieves four things:
  1. Help you identify areas of opportunity for growth and success.
  2. Create the strategies & tactics necessary to achieve it.
  3. Work to deliver those outcomes.
  4. Develop a successful, lifelong partnership with you.

Our “Unforgivables”

This is our list of things that we believe (after 4 decades of service) no leader could be forgiven for lacking. Leaders must simply get these things right or face the failure of their efforts.

Our Focus

Let’s be clear here, we’re a Hospitality consultancy. We make things that surprise and delight the world in which you orbit. But our focus is also on helping clients tackle their hairiest business problems, not just their operational challenges.

Our Values

We’re about people first – the best talent teamed with the bravest clients. We don’t have a hit list of brands we want to go after. Instead, we have a list of people we’d kill to work with, again or for the first time.

Our Goal

We’re looking for courageous souls and fearless thinkers more interested in making history than repeating it, all in pursuit of work that both drives business results and leaves a dent in whatever universe you play in.

Our Purpose

Why Do We Do This Work? Because we have a vision for, and experience in, doing it better. The current industry failure rates are too high and turnover is atrocious. Our concepts and work changes this dynamic for the better – exponentially.

Our Mission

We do things differently. We find “A” level talent. We inculcate them with technical expertise, then Coach them on refining and developing the proper perspective and expectations. Then we let them do their job.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build the ideal Hospitality business in every market for every client – yesterday. This means being #1 or #2 in your segment and utilizing the greatest sense of urgency in order to establish and sustain these efforts long-term.

Our Strategy

We don’t utilize “best practices” we create “next practices” in order to innovate our client’s business. This creates meaningfully differentiated value for the Guest, the employee, the community and the business owner.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs lie within our 5 Hospitality Fundamentals that we believe must be the focus of every Hospitality business or else…

  1. Perspective
  2. People
  3. Performance
  4. Product
  5. Profit

You can learn more about how we define these here. 

Your Return On Investment (ROI)

We strive to achieve a minimum 1,000% return on your investment (ROI). What does that mean to you? If the program we agree on that will help you achieve the level of success you desire requires an investment of $10,000, then the return (through lower costs or increased sales or a combination of both) will be a minimum of $100,000.

The SHG Performance Guarantee

OK. This is it. If you are truly serious about going to the next level and will commit to your success by working with me, then I Guarantee that over the next 12 months, you will gain an average of $5,000 or more per month* in additional sales and/or cost savings above and beyond the sales/profits you generated during the previous 12 months or I will keep working with you until you achieve these goals at no further cost to you!!!

Most clients are averaging much more than this $60,000 increase as a direct result of our programs. Our goal is to create a 1,000% ROI for your investment in your business. Determined by the level of sales and profitability you are at when we start. Add to that this program is 100% tax deductible* + my 100% Effective Guarantee! = A very valuable and powerful way to get the outcomes you need.

* Please consult with your tax professional concerning eligibility.
See our full Performance Guarantee here.

Our Approach

SHG uses an experience and research-based, multi-stage process to guide your organization to sustainable culture transformation. We will work closely with you on each step of the process. Since the goal is sustainability, we do not do the work for you. Instead, we partner with you. We are there as advisers—sharing our proven techniques and assisting you as you apply these principles to your business.


Our comprehensive approach involves all levels of an organization to develop an aligned culture, which ensures maximum buy-in and positive change. Within your organization, our insights-based methodology helps your employees to think differently as we communicate fundamental business concepts.

SHG Engagement Model

Audit The Area To Be Improved – Understand & Prioritize Desired Outcomes

We go beyond the typical consulting assessment process to gain a deeper understanding of your business so we can make a real impact. Our process includes visit(s) to your location(s) to meet with leaders, staff and guests, as well as observation and data collection to gain a complete understanding of your current state and desired future state. It’s the combination of hard data and personal interviews that reveals the true approach needed to help you thrive.

Develop Proscriptive Action(s)

We believe the bridge from innovative insight to practical implementation is through Hospitality Fundamentals. We involve cross-functional teams from within your business to adapt and apply these fundamentals for your culture. We also help the teams through any obstacles, brainstorm new ideas, as well as coach them on how to achieve the specific outcomes. This process results in organizational buy-in as we begin to implement the desired changes.

Recalibrate Skills & Resources For Impact

The key to ensuring that the desired future state is successfully implemented is an inspiring and motivational launch. This phase is focused on SHG engaging your leaders, middle managers, and frontline staff to embrace change and transform the culture through the use of a framework that communicates desired skills and behaviors identified by your business. This usually involves rolling up our sleeves and working one-on-one with leaders and staff.

Operationalize & Sustain For Long-Term Success

The goal is to sustain your transformation for the long-term, so it’s critical to take the desired skills and behaviors and make them part of your culture by operationalizing them day-in-and-day-out.  SHG supports your continuous improvement efforts by providing toolkits, conducting reassessments, delivering skills-based training and Coaching to ensure the momentum from the launch is sustained over time.

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