ReImagining Hospitality

“As a Hospitality consultant, I help my client-partners achieve real-world success by leveraging my four decades of successful experience in the Hospitality business. I blend strategic thinking with hands-on practicality to develop and implement operational strategies that not only solve your most critical problems but help you innovate your ability to grow yourself, your people and your business.”

Jeffrey Summers, Principal
Summers Hospitality Group

Growth Outcomes

“My Coaching and consulting services focus on my clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, growth, performance improvement, organization, analytics, information technology, culinary, beverage, service, social/digital, new business openings, guest experience design, marketing/branding and much more across all sectors and geographies. I bring intensive, pragmatic and successful expertise, but am known for my holistic perspective: I capture value across every experience of any organization – no matter the size or complexity.”


For Yourself

``The growth of your business is directly related to your own personal growth.``


For Your People

``Are you trying to build a great business without great people doing great work?``


For Your Leaders

``Never forget that the single biggest influence on an employee's performance is their direct supervisor.``


For Your Business

``You won't build a better business if you continue to look at your existing business in the same old way.``

Who I Work With

“I have a strong pragmatic focus and provide more than simply a report or analysis. I offer powerful insight and support based on my four decades of successful experience. This approach delivers real-world facts to my client-partners and allows them to make more significant and informed decisions about themselves, their people and their business.”


“I think differently. At my core is a focus on creating meaningfully differentiated value for both your guests and your business. I turn things upside down and inside out until I get at the real issues which will help you realize your desired result.”
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“I challenge behavior. I will show you what you need to do differently in order to achieve your business goals – whether you want to hear the truth or not. I also don’t care if ‘that’s how you’ve always done it’. Anchoring yourself to any single course of action is just plain dumb.”
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“I believe in a deliverable ROI. When you engage me, you are investing in your business. There should always be a measurable return on that investment and you should know what that will be prior to engaging me. My goal is to deliver a 1,000% ROI.”
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My Client Experience

My Mission Is Simple: To help Hospitality leaders achieve positive, sustainable growth in themselves, their people and their business.

“Every Guest. Every Experience. Every Day”

What People Say About Jeffrey

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