“The first step in taking you and your business to the next level (or even having more success at the 1st level), is to know exactly what your reality truly is.”

Two questions that keep operators up at night:

  1. What really are the issues with guests? staff? vendors? your market?
  2. Where do you stand today and what must be done to achieve the level of success you desire and deserve.

OnsiteReview™ is the SHG Strategic Business Audit process. This is a highly detailed and specific analysis of any or all areas of your business: cost controls, operations, hospitality, production, labor, sales, marketing, financial performance, strategic planning and any other area in which you need quick and fundamentally solid plans for improved performance.

The Process

We will come in to your business and scrutinize it from top to bottom and side to side to uncover every opportunity possible for you. We also look at your market and analyze potential strategies for you to leverage.

There are three options depending on your need.

  1. An intense 2-3 day event (single business, single issue area),
  2. 1 week event (multi-unit, entire business operation) or
  3. 2-4 week situation (entire market or business feasibility analysis)  that includes, multiple units, managers, staff, guests and you, the owner/operator and will more than pay for itself in just the first week you begin to implement the recommendations.

We will arrive the day before and begin early the next morning to:

  • Observe your operation throughout all of the dayparts you service,
  • Analyze financial outcomes,
  • Interview staff, managers and guests
  • Review past marketing efforts and outcomes,
  • Review your local-store-market potential, then
  • Submit our written report to you within 72 hours, and
  • Be available by phone to answer any questions or explain any part of the evaluation, at any time.
  • If desired, we will outline the change effort for you, using our programs and services.

This is not about changing anything just for the sake of change, but to dispassionately analyze what needs to take place in order for you to realize your success goals, given the strengths of both you and your business.

100% of the investment you make in OnSiteReview™ is deducted from any subsequent Coaching or Consulting program you choose, however, you are under absolutely no further obligation.

Top-of-the-House [TOH]

  • Systems and Processes
  • Cost Controls
  • Marketing
  • Shift Management
  • Training For Performance & Development
  • Leases
  • Business Plans
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Contract Management
  • Attraction|Hiring|Retention
  • Technology
  • Business Development
  • Coaching
  • And more.

Back-of-the-House [BOH]

  • Systems & Processes
  • Menu Engineering & Development
  • Training For Performance & Development
  • Production Models
  • Cost Controls, Equipment
  • Attraction|Hiring|Retention
  • Technology
  • Layout & Design
  • Purchasing & Inventory
  • Coaching
  • And more

Front-of-the-House [FOH]

  • Systems & Processes
  • Service Design
  • Sales
  • Training For Performance & Development
  • Beverage Programs
  • Attraction|Hiring|Retention
  • Technology
  • POS Management
  • Staffing
  • Guest Management
  • Marketing
  • Cost Controls
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Coaching
  • And more
Bespoke Solutions

All of our programs are built to make you a success. Which means we build them according to your specific and unique needs. This doesn’t mean we “customize” them to fit your business (which means nothing more than taking a templated program and tweaking it to fit your situation). We personalize them 100% from the beginning to ensure that we leverage every unique aspect of your business in order to innovate your ability to create success. This is a very critical difference.

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