WS – Building Better Shifts

What do the best GMs do Before, during, and after a profitable Shift to maximize sales, service and teamwork? When you look at the Architecture of a revenue-generating Shift, why do some managers outperform others doing the exact same work? As our industry grows more complex and competitive, there’s an ever-increasing need to show managers how to realistically lead, rather than merely “manage”, the complex skills of people, performance and profitability within the framework of the typical 8-10 hour Shift.

This program will teach Unit Managers (and Multi-Unit Managers) the why, what and how of revenue-generating shift leadership in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The program content is based on my four decades of successful service.

Target Audience
General Managers, Assistant Managers, Shift Leaders, Multi-Unit Managers, Executives, Owners, Franchisees at QSR, Casual, Family, Fine Dining, Contract Foodservice, or retail operations.

This presentation can be delivered in 90 Minute, 2 Hour, Half-Day, or Full-Day format.

Team will leave the session with the following skills (or reinforcement of these skills):

  • Service, Selling, Cost Control: we’ll learn how to measurably improve service delivery, lower costs and increase incremental sales a minimum of 1% to 3%
  • We’ll detail EXACTLY what the best managers do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a busy shift
  • Goal-Setting: how to peg period goals to shift execution and objectives
  • The Rush: we’ll detail how to prevent fires and stay in control, rather than in the “weeds”
  • Shift Architecture: Understand the characteristics and consequences of a bad shift versus an ideal shift and the role leadership plays in its execution
  • Experience Shaping: How to teach your team to think and execute with the mindset of an owner and the focus of a guest.
  • Best Practices: we’ll review the right and wrong ways to capture and share relevant shift information with other managers and owners
  • Execution: ideas are easy, execution is hard. This program will detail a specific roadmap for the next 14, 30, and 90 days to implement and use the ideas we learn (and share) in this dynamic presentation.

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“It has been a pleasure being coached by Jeffrey. At times, he believed more in me than I believed in myself, which helped me continue to reach higher.”

Miguel Arteagra
Owner|Operator, De La Cruz Mexican Cuisine

“What started out as a small menu engineering project turned into the design & build of a brand new business. I was dreaming small until Jeffrey helped me realize what I truly wanted to do and worked with me every step of the way in order to achieve it.”

Leonardo Rozatos
Owner|Operator, Plaze Cafe Southside

“Jeffrey is a no non-sense guy that really wants his client’s business to succeed. His words “you can’t work in the business, you must work on the business” are in my head daily when I start to lose focus. I am a better business woman, event producer and employer because of his efforts.”

Amy Shackelford
President, Sedona Productions

If you hear questions like these
in your business, I can help!

“Why do we have to go through all this change?”
“When is someone going to train me?”
“When will the (BOH – FOH) do its job right?”
“Who dropped the ball?”
“Why don’t they communicate better?”
“Who’s going to solve the problem?”
“Why is it so slow?”
“Why do we always run out of things?”
“Why can’t they get my schedule right?”
“Why did we hire another___.
I told them I wanted to do that!”



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