This Growthworx™ option is for off-site services during the opening of a new business, re-engineering of an existing business or for when you have a large project that you need expertise to help you and your team through the process that takes your business to it’s next level – or two!

Areas covered by the business version can include:

  • Concept Development – Strategic Branding, Market Analysis, Experience Design, Staffing
  • Design & Build Management – Real Estate, Site Selection, Lease Negotiation, Conversion Feasibility
  • Architectural Design – Cost Assessment, Schematic Layout, 3-D Site Rendering, Final Architectural Plan Review, Complete Architectural Plans, Mechanical & Electric Design, Plumbing Layout, Signage
  • Interior Design – Theme Integration, Color Selection, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Selection
  • Construction Management – Complete Construction Services, Bid Review, Contractor Selection, Progressive Field Visits & Inspections, Draw Request Review & Approval, Punch List & Opening Approval
  • TOH – Business & Marketing Plan Development, Brand & Concept Development, Business Organization and Establishment (Incorporation, LLC, etc…), Logo Design, Website Construction, Sales Programs, Systems & process Design, Manuals, Lease Negotiations, Operations, Policy Development, Site Selection and Lease Negotiation, etc…
  • BOH – Menu Development & Engineering, Menu Layout & Design, Vendor Sourcing, Equipment Layout and Sourcing, Kitchen Design, etc…
  • FOH – IT & POS Analysis, Service Initiatives, Staffing – Hourly & Mgmt, Bar & Beverage Development, Training Initiatives, Layout & Design, etc…
  • Any other issue you need to work through in order to achieve your goals.


Organizations seeking to develop new brands or reinvent existing ones need strategic guidance to determine what will be the most unique and meaningful concept direction. We provide the research, insight and creativity required to be successful.


With Branding by SHG, developing a new concept is a collaborative process that connects your vision with our experience and industry expertise.

We work directly with restaurant owners and other foodservice operators to fully understand your thoughts and objectives.

We use our network of subject matter experts to provide conceptual, operational and financial insights, sharing high-level strategies and big ideas that will enable your business to have a unique competitive edge.


Concept Development FAQs

Absolutely. We can work with you from the idea stage all the way through the Grand Opening and beyond


I can help you analyze how best to finance your new business and help you create the plans necessary to submit to most any financial entity.

Yes. if you have financing in place then we should start to flesh out what your business will look like and how it will be successful.

Yes. A review of your plans and processes is as close to an insurance policy that you can get. An outside perspective is a great idea when you’re up to your eyeballs in the tons of tasks you are engaged in at any single moment.

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1. Join my BizWorx™ Coaching program and start growing your business the very day you start. I help business leaders rapidly grow their businesses with sustainability. If this fast growth interests you, call me at +1 817-797-2929 and talk to me about your opportunity at no charge.

2. Engage me in  a GrowthWorx™ Consulting Project and finally set your business on the road to rapid and sustainable growth.

3. Conduct an Onsite Review in order to create a blueprint for growing your business in the coming year.

4. Have me Facilitate A Strategy Session for your leadership team. Most of our clients now do this every 6 months and it has provided the needed focus and accountability necessary to achieve sustainable growth.

5. Have questions? Let’s Talk! Contact me to discuss your opportunity with no obligation to you for the first conversation.

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