“They’re ALL leadership issues.”


Sometimes leaders require a listening ear and an outside perspective to effectively work through challenges and think through opportunities. Coaching sessions are designed collaboratively with you and your unique needs in mind.  The goal of coaching will differ for each person – you may need to “walk” through a specific problem you’re facing or you may have a more general focus of wanting to be a better team leader.

Through purposeful questioning, active listening and collaborative problem solving, Jeffrey can help you develop as a leader and assist you in navigating obstacles that are in the way of reaching your desired results.

Leadership Coaching Can Help With Any Number of Issues Including:

  • Developing a more effective leadership style.
  • Managing conflict dynamics.
  • Improving interpersonal or communication skills.
  • Developing employees.
  • Creating and sustaining a healthy workplace culture.
  • Increasing motivation and employee engagement.
  • Thinking through leadership succession planning.

Are you…

Looking for a solution to improve the satisfaction and engagement of the employees in your company so that they will work best, produce more and stay longer?

Tired of paying for training that provides a lot of information but no specific tools and strategies you can implement right away?
Hoping to find a cutting-edge Coaching model to replace your old ways of working with your staff that have failed to produce the outcomes you need to increase productivity and performance?

Searching for a program that will provide you and your employees with hands-on experience as well as follow-up strategies to maximize application of the content?

This program is individual 1-on-1 coaching program for operators who need Coaching for their multi-unit leaders, GMs or other managers on an individual basis in order to supply them with real-world solutions, direction, follow-up and support.

Executives are the key influencers in their companies, yet rarely have access to objective, ongoing feedback. Coaching for Executives provides top leaders with a confidential and neutral sounding board to discuss challenges and opportunities. Jeffrey is a seasoned executive coach and a trusted advisers for senior leaders who need to win the hearts and minds within the organization.

High potential, fast-tracking managers work on goal setting for self and others, team leadership, relationship building and other skills needed for their professional development. Coaching for Managers includes an executive development plan that makes it simple to track results. Coaching will focus on actions that will ensure managers will be productive, effective and ready for the next challenge.


The criteria that bring a team together can actually pull it apart. Initiative, expertise, decisiveness, years of experience, a strong point of view and a laser-like focus on results… The employees and leaders on whom you most depend exhibit these qualities. Yet when these talented individuals join forces in a team environment their personal strengths don’t always mesh effectively to deliver desired outcomes. Too often, bad teams happen to high performers.

High-performance teams depend on a shared mission, vision and values to align their personal interests, together with their expertise in order to focus their individual efforts toward the goals of the business. They establish clear roles and responsibilities – plus a framework for making decisions and resolving conflicts.

Most important, they commit to an environment of trust.

Members of high-performance teams:

  • Demonstrate a blend of expertise and individual credibility
  • Hold themselves and each other accountable for the broader impact of their actions, foregoing “turf wars” (200% rule)
  • Are skillful, candid communicators, balancing advocacy with openness to others’ ideas

5 Key Reasons Why Businesses Launch A Coaching Program & Need My Coaching Skills

On the surface, Coaching is an intangible business process, and its value can be hard to quantify. However, the seasoned veteran and the open minded employee alike value the outcomes that a well-designed employee Coaching program yields. More than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies are already using Coaching isn’t it time your business joined them?

Here are the top five reasons businesses hire Coaches

  1. Sharpen leadership skills of high potential managers and operators (86%)
  2. Correct management behavior problems (72%)
  3. Ensure success/decrease failure of newly promoted managers (64%)
  4. Correct employee relations problems (59%)
  5. Provide required management and leadership skills necessary to improve performance and outcomes (58%)

Great leaders get great outcomes; without dynamic leadership, businesses will not grow and succeed.

Give Your Leaders What They Need!

Today’s workforce responds to leadership that follows a Coaching model; gone is yesterday’s top-down managerial hierarchy. Today’s successful leaders work with their teams to provide vision and to set goals, as well as to encourage involvement and accountability.

With SHG®© you have the opportunity to benchmark this world-class approach to leadership. I will Coach your team in the fundamental leadership philosophies behind some of the greatest and most successful business brands in the world today and they will understand specifically, the principles that need to be at the core of your businesses strength and be able to execute those principles immediately.

We will show them how to;

Interpret the business vision for your team and communicate that vision in a way that motivates action.
Examine the culture of those they lead and structure them in a way that maximizes their involvement and performance.
Employ strategies that will enable your team to take a proactive approach toward change.
Identify the specific leadership values and behaviors that will contribute to their success as a leader.
Implement your own action plan so that your vision, goals and leadership development complement one another.
Use all of the above to drive the businesses success.
The Single, Most Effective Action An Operator Can Take To Ensure Consistent, Long-Term Success

Our powerful Coaching programs are about helping you and your business master the fundamentals. This unleashes the resources necessary to create meaningfully, differentiated value for the guest, staff & your business. No other program offers more value with an immediate impact or greater ROI.

How We Make You Better

Based on our research and experience working with top leaders in companies around the globe, managers need the following to excel:
  1. Clear Goals and Expectations: According to a Lock and Latham Study, with clear goals and expectations managers saw a 16% improvement.
  2. Training: According to an ASTD Study, companies in top quarter of training expense ($1,500 per year or more) average 24% higher profit margins.
  3. Communication: According to a Wyatt Study, with good communication there was a 30% increase in market value.
  4. Coaching: According to the Personal Management Association, coaching yielded an 88% positive impact.
  5. Leadership Flexibility: According to Blanchard, Hersey, Goleman, managers that incorporated leadership flexibility saw 15%-20% more results.
  6. Recognition: According to a Jackson ROI Study, there was a triple return on equity for companies with more recognition than those companies who do less.
  7. Promotions/Incentives: According to the Performance Improvement Institute, promotions and incentives had a 22% impact on results.
  8. Guest Loyalty: According to a Bain Research study, a 5% improvement in Guest retention improves profit 25% or more.
  9. Hiring: According to the Personnel Policy Service, the right hire saves 3 times the annual salary

How We Make You Better

Through our own four decades worth of experience in creating successful teams, SHG understands what the best teams do differently. We have helped a wide variety of teams achieve increased cohesion, trust, effectiveness and bottom-line results. We work with you to determine the objectives and scope of a team engagement – and then provide process consulting, group facilitation and/or skill building to deliver the most appropriate outcomes, for example:

  • A team charter that aligns with the organization’s strategy and defines the team’s mission, values, and goals
  • A team culture based on trust and collaboration to ground team members through inevitable changes in expectations and resources
  • A unique decision-making framework for working together effectively
  • Individual action plans and/or coaching engagements for increased effectiveness
  • Metrics for increased accountability for both individuals and the group
  • Improved communication and collaboration skills
Bespoke Solutions

All of our programs are built to make you a success. Which means we build them according to your specific and unique needs. This doesn’t mean we “customize” them to fit your business (which means nothing more than taking a templated program and tweaking it to fit your situation). We personalize them 100% from the beginning to ensure that we leverage every unique aspect of your business in order to innovate your ability to create success. This is a very critical difference.

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