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Time For Some Straight-Talk

Can I guarantee your success if you enroll in one of our programs?

Honestly? No one can guarantee that you will have success with any program or service offered by anyone. My level of guarantee to you is based on your level of ambition, self-discipline and commitment to the change you seek as well as your desire to listen, comprehend and act on our advice.

My three immutable laws of Consulting:

1. I can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped, and I don’t try. Likewise, if you do not want to change, engaging in any change effort will not work. This is also the reason why 90% of your training doesn’t work.

2. I give you my very best advice. Whether you accept it and act on it is a commentary on you, not me. This is the very definition of ‘lost opportunity cost’.

3. If there are three options and I suggest the first, but you prefer the second and I think it will work, I will help you. But if you prefer a third that clearly won’t work, I’m not going to help you fail.

I can guarantee you will understand why you’re not having the success you really want and deserve and what you should be doing to build a thriving and successful business. Then, if you decide to do something to change your situation, I will show you how to do so – on your own, with my help and support.

I can also guarantee my effort to make you a success or I will work for free until you are satisfied that we have done everything possible on our end to help you build the best business.

So how does that work you ask?

My “real world” programs are more intense and outcome driven than any other programs offered anywhere by anyone. Which is why I can offer you the following two-part guarantee.

#1. The qualitative part to our programs is very easy to understand. My name is on every product, service, article, form, template and piece of advice I give. And since everything I do or say is a direct reflection of who I am, if you do not think any product or service you have bought from me is effective for you and your business, then I will work for free until you do!

#2. The quantitative value of our programs is also very straightforwardOur goal is a 1,000+% return on your investment (increase in either cost savings or top-line sales or a combination of both). For example, say you purchase a 12 month Coaching program for $25,000. I guarantee you a $250,000 return on your investment or I work for you, for free, until you achieve it. Obviously, before we agree to hire you as a client, you (the operator) and I will mutually agree on the business goals and metrics up front so we both understand all expectations.

You will also find me calling you 6 months after you have used my product or service and asking how things are going. Sometimes I just pop up on your doorstep for lunch and see for myself. I don’t stop adding value to our relationship just because the checks stop coming!

Here Are 3 Ways You Can Start Growing Your Business Today:

Build A Better Business

I don’t think you should ever seek help from someone who has never successfully done what it is that you want to do. There is simply no substitute for successful experience. I’m not a theorist. I am a successfully experienced operator. When you face a challenge, you want someone who has been there before, found a solution and achieved successful outcomes. Utilizing my four decades of successful experience allows you to get the exact fit you need to solve a problem or take advantage of any given opportunity.

“I only work with ambitious leaders who want to define their future, not hide from it.”

For four decades, my Coaching, Consulting, & Learning Events have helped thousands of hospitality leaders worldwide, build successful businesses. Call or text me at +1-817-797-2929 or email me at Jeffrey@JeffreySummers.com.
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