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SHG On-Demand Coaching Program

On-Demand Coaching services are designed for situations when a full-scale consulting or coaching engagement is not appropriate or desired.

Is this service right for you? Here are some issues appropriate for On-Demand Coaching:

  • You need an objective, confidential sounding board to test new ideas – or to rethink old ones.
  • You want to role play a challenging scenario, such as handling a difficult conversation.
  • You’re not sure how to confront bad behavior or poor performance effectively.
  • You seek expert advice about how to proceed on a new project or increase the effectiveness of an existing project.

With On-Demand Coaching you’ll get full access to Jeffrey’s four decades of experience at a fraction of the investment of a full-scale consulting or coaching engagement.

You Have Four ‘On-Demand’ Options:

  • ”IN & OUT”
  • $ 495
    5 Days
    • This option gives you unlimited phone and e-mail consulting and coaching for 5 business days.
    • This option is ideal for individuals or teams who face a single, short-term issue or decision or when you just want to get a second opinion prior to a tough decision.
    • Personnel Issues
    • Marketing|Branding
    • New Job Opportunity
    • Policy Decisions
    • Cost Controls
    • Total Investment = $495
  • $ 338
    per week
    • This option gives you unlimited phone and e-mail consulting and coaching for 4 weeks (1 period).
    • This option is best for individuals or teams who need a short-term boost in direction or support for short-term issues.
    • Cost Controls
    • Menu Rollouts
    • Marketing|Branding
    • Management Changes
    • Staffing|Scheduling
    • Total Investment = $1,500
  • $ 825
    per month
    • This option gives you unlimited phone and e-mail consulting and coaching for 6 months.
    • This option is best for individuals or teams who have a project before them and require support for the duration of the project from planning and rollout to monitoring and measurement of it’s success.
    • New Business Openings
    • Menu Engineering
    • New Leadership
    • Cost Control Issues
    • New Procedure/Policy
    • Total Investment = $5,500
  • ``GET GOING``
  • $ 635
    per month
    • This option gives you unlimited phone and e-mail consulting and coaching for 12 months.
    • This option is best for individuals or teams facing startups or high-growth opportunities who need direction and input into a multitude of growth issues or simply ongoing support.
    • New Business Openings
    • New Management Teams
    • Turnarounds
    • Multiple Locations
    • Purchasing or Selling A Business
    • Total Investment = $8,500

Coaching Program Notes:

  • All pricing quoted is the monthly investment based on the stated program term minus the PIFUF 10% discount.
  • All programs can be month-to-month. Call me to discuss your situation.
  • All local client locations are eligible for onsite sessions at no extra cost. Non-local client locations can be onsite, if you make arrangements for travel & accommodation invoicing. Should you require me to be physically on-site, any additional cost would just be for travel & accommodations -that’s it. Some clients have wanted me present in the beginning (to look around) and again when tough issues arise. Some have wanted me present monthly for face-to-face meetings. And still others have never required any on-site meeting. The choice is up to you but technology has improved to such a degree that it makes this issue moot – except for conducting an on-site audit prior to starting a program or for issues like construction or any type of physical inspection necessary for a project’s completion.
  • For questions concerning payment options or processes, see SHG® Payments & Expense Guidelines
  • Should you engage Summers Hospitality Group for a larger project within 30 days of your On-Demand consulting and coaching service, your entire investment will be credited to that project.
  • ROI calculations are attributable to a combination of cost savings and/or sale growth.
  • P.I.F.U.F. – Pay In Full Up Front and get 10% off your total investment.

Consulting & Learning Event Program Pricing

Each engagement is different. Each one has different variables at play, actors, strengths, weaknesses, markets, etc… Not to mention that each business is in a different stage in its life cycle.

We will talk over with you what your goals and objectives are, determine appropriate outcomes and a baseline for starting the project and then plan and execute at your location. As with all SHG programs, there is no time-based fee component for this program. We begin after the plan is approved and work through to the completion of all outcomes, no matter how long it takes. Due to the unique nature of this work and the unique demands of each individual brand, the investment for this program can only be quoted once we determine the scope of your project.


  1. We listen to you as you outline your need.  Sometimes we utilize OnsiteReviews.
  2. We then devise an innovation strategy for your business and price it according to the amount and degree of work we need to provide in order to achieve your goals and desired ROI.
  3. We then offer you three options with varying degrees of value.
  4. You then select your option, make payment and then we schedule the work.

Things to Consider

  • Travel/Geography. We have one fixed price for all week-long (5 business days) travel and accommodation expenses anywhere in the continental United States – $1500.00, which can be paid (for longer engagements) on a month-to-month basis. Outside of the lower 48, we expense travel and accommodation at cost based on pre-planned travel rates.  After working with clients in 49 states and 13 countries, the one thing that sticks out most about location is that it doesn’t matter. Planes, trains and automobiles make it easy to get anywhere relatively cheap and easy.  Even with international travel, it’s no longer an issue. The question is, what is the most effective means of accomplishing the goal?
  • Workload. How much of the actual work will you do and how much do you need us to do? Most projects involve both Coaching and Consulting. Obviously, the more work you or your team are able to do, the more economical the project.
  • ROI. This is a business investment and like all business investments, it should have a stipulated return. We will analyze your situation and give you what we think is an achievable return (in $$$).
  • Free consultation. When in doubt, just ask.
  • Guarantees. See the SHG Guarantee. 
  • Tax Deduction(s): Most professional service fees (consulting, legal, accounting, etc…) are tax deductible as a business expense. Check with your accountant to ask about your specific situation.
  • Flat Fees vs. Hourly Fees. Each project is priced based on the specific needs of the client. SHG® charges flat fees for each program or service – there are NEVER any hourly fees or added fees or hidden fees – nor do we ever agree to any “profit sharing scheme”.
    Why? The way we see it, clients are best served by innovating their business or achieving opportunities as quickly as possible. Prolonging the efforts to do so, for purely financial reasons on the consultant’s part, is totally unethical and a true sign of an amateur.

For a more complete outline, look at SHG Payment & Expense Guidelines This includes fee structures and payment options.

We Build Strong Brands

Summers Hospitality Group’s programs are focused on optimizing results and helping operators maximize their business’s potential. After discussing your needs and opportunities, we customize a proposal that contains specific objectives, measures, and options for how we may work together to achieve your desired outcomes.

We engage in all aspects of hospitality management and have a proven track record in developing brands and turning these brands into market-leading businesses. We provide systems and services that improve all areas of your hospitality business.

The Bottom Line

Here are three amazing benefits of participating in our programs – they are in fact three indisputable reasons why everyone should:

  1. You get better.
  2. You get better faster.
  3. Eventually you become your own business coach.

Try it for yourself and see!