The Leadership Audit is the in depth look at your leadership team’s effectiveness and ability to strategically plan and execute on your business goals and objectives.

We arrive onsite and spend one day per manager evaluating their individual and team effectiveness. At the end we conduct a debrief with them individually and as a team, laying out an action plan for each in order to set them up for future success.

The review can cover all levels of leadership: unit, multi-unit and executive.

This is an intense and honest look at the issues and opportunities your managers and your management team face along with a powerful 90-day Action Plan for understanding their strengths & opportunities and then preparing a plan for on-going education, training & coaching in order to realize higher performance and outcomes. We also include a 360° review that includes both managers and staff.

This program is designed to help the operator understand the operational strengths and opportunities of each manager and their management team before:

  • undertaking new growth projects such as additional business openings, startups, extensions, etc…
  • engaging in any new service/hospitality initiative
  • when poor performance needs to be addressed

This program is best when followed up with our Coaching Solutions program, either for an individual manager or the entire team.

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