How to Plan and Execute Effective Pre-Shift Meetings

Every person that works in your business is a direct reflection of your business. Guests do no delineate between them (the employee) and you (the employer). And when guests are deciding where and when to spend their money, there is no more significant time to be putting your best foot forward.

Unfortunately for many of us, this “moment of truth” is lost as employees are mindlessly going through the motions, internally focused on their own problems or deliberately being rude to get back at somebody for something.

Employees need a daily reminder of what their core responsibility is—and that is to serve others. Regardless of role or title, we are all working to serve someone and that needs to be at the forefront of everything we do. The best daily reminder is known as the pre-shift meeting or line-up and it focuses every employee in on our core responsibility, and the role we play in representing the brand.

Imagine a sports team who’s coach never shared strategies, goals or challenges before the game. Who would want to play for them? What kind of fan base would they have?  Yet 80% of businesses start every single shift without a focus, a plan, or energy for the team members who are playing the game against the competition every single day. This workshop will show your leadership team how to design, deploy and execute a revenue-generating pre-shift meeting every single day.

The foodservice and retail industry’s most overlooked, misunderstood, and under-executed resource is the daily pre-shift meeting or “alley rally”. This workshop will examine the architecture of an ideal pre-shift meeting; how to plan it, lead it, and profit from it. Based on four decades of service success, this program will examine the characteristics and commonalities of what the best managers do to execute the most profitable pre-shift meetings, day in and day out. This workshop  will measurably improve performance of both your new and “veteran” managers in the area of pre-shift meeting planning and execution. The team will re-think and re-enact (role-play) ideal pre-shift meetings for both the front-of-the-house and kitchen crew.

Target Audience
General Managers, Assistant Managers, Shift Leaders, Multi-Unit Managers, Executives, Owners, Franchisees at QSR, Casual, Family, Fine Dining, or Contract Foodservice. Every workshop is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED for every client. We will work closely with you to align your objectives, targets and culture into the workshop.

Offered in 1 hour, 90 minute, 2 hour, or Half-Day versions.

Attendees will leave the session with the following skills:

  • Service and Selling: we’ll learn how to measurably improve service delivery, lower costs and increase incremental sales a minimum of 1%
  • The 12 key topics for pre-shifts/The wrong and right way to plan and execute pre-shifts
  • How to stage interactive pre-shifts based on dialogues, not monologues
  • How to plan, stage and deliver effective pre-shift topics for every department: Servers, Kitchen Crew, Bartenders, Drive-thru or Greeter Teams
  • How to engage and educate servers who come in later on staggered shifts and miss the “official” pre-shift meeting/How to stage and deliver an effective 30 second post-shift meeting
  • Communicating across a multi-generational and multi-cultural workforce
  • Best Practices: how to share key learnings from each pre-shift meeting with other managers


To check availability or get more information, email Thanks!

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*Results My Client-Partners Have Achieved With My Help*

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Increased Sales & Profits

We’ve documented that businesses whose employees are engaged (well matched to their jobs and enjoying what they do) lead to increases in the most critical top & bottom-line metrics: sales and profits.

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Business & Professional Growth

Employees who feel valued will perform better, stay longer and contribute more to the business’s ability to drive top line sales and bottom line profits.

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Increased Productivity

…as employees become fully successful in performing their jobs

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Business Transformation

…as a clear vision of the desired future is identified and a plan to achieve it is realized.

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Here Are 5 Ways I Can Help You Start Growing Your Business Today:

1. Register for one of my ThinkWorx™ workshops. Learn more about those here.

2. Join my BizWorx™ Coaching program and start growing your business the very day you start. I help business leaders rapidly grow their businesses with sustainability. If this fast growth interests you, call me at 855-744-4677 and talk to me about your opportunity at no charge.

3. Engage me in  a GrowthWorx™ Consulting Project and finally set your business on the road to rapid and sustainable growth.

4. Conduct an Onsite Review in order to create a blueprint for growing your business in the coming year.

5. Have me Facilitate A Strategy Session for your leadership team. Most of our clients now do this every 6 months and it has provided the needed focus and accountability necessary to achieve sustainable growth.

5b. Have questions? Contact me to discuss your opportunity with no obligation to you for the first conversation.

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The Bottom Line

Here are three amazing benefits of participating in our programs – they are in fact three indisputable reasons why everyone should:

  1. You get better.
  2. You get better faster.
  3. Eventually you become your own business coach.

Try it for yourself and see!