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Manager-In-Training [MIT]

SHG© offers a week long M.I.T program for operators who need to give their managers a powerful immersion into the fundamentals of business or hotel operations. We’ll customize a program for you that covers everything from attracting “A” level talent to cost controls to shift management and more.

Completely Customized For Your Needs

These customized week long sessions will be held at your location, at any time and are designed to fit your individual company’s needs and goals. They also include classroom, onsite observation and practical experience.

There is no program more powerful than this one for setting your people up for success!

Different formats have included:

  1. Separate MIT1 and MIT2 sessions. These are held at different times based on the experience of the participating managers.
  2. MIT1 covers all of the fundamentals.
  3. MIT2 covers more advanced subjects.
  4. A more basic but intense one or two week session that covers both MIT1 and MIT2.
  5. Any combination of experience and material that best fits your specific business needs.

All MIT programs include 3 months of ongoing Coaching for all participants once they finish their initial training.

Benefits of an Effective MIT Program

  1. Attract best employees
  2. Create a culture of high performance and engagement
  3. Decrease turnover and increase retention
  4. Save you money by investing your labor dollars more efficiently
  5. Develop and execute higher levels of hospitality
  6. Thereby increasing levels of guest loyalty, sales and profitability

The MIT Program Outline:

Restaurant Manager MIT 1 Fundamentals

  1. Shift Management
  2. Guest Experience
  3. Financial Controls/P&L
  4. Sales
  5. Culinary
  6. Equipment/Physical Plant
  7. Talent Management
  8. Marketing
  9. Hospitality
  10. Position Training
  11. Specific Issues Related To Your Business & More

Hotel Manager MIT 1 Fundamentals

  1. Guest Satisfaction
  2. Financial Controls/P&L
  3. Operating Efficiency
  4. Talent Management
  5. Sales & Marketing
  6. Revenue Management
  7. Product & Service Standards
  8. Preventative Maintenance Programs
  9. Budget Preparation
  10. Action Planning
  11. Specific Issues Related To Your Business & More

Restaurant & Hotel  Manager MIT 2 Advanced

  1. Leadership
  2. P&L
  3. Local store marketing
  4. Train-the-trainer
  5. Multi-unit management
  6. Advanced training
  7. Public relations
  8. Social business
  9. Specific Issues Related To Your Business & More

How We Make You Better

Based on our research and experience working with top leaders in companies around the globe, managers need the following to excel:
  1. Clear Goals and Expectations: According to a Lock and Latham Study, with clear goals and expectations managers saw a 16% improvement.
  2. Training: According to an ASTD Study, companies in top quarter of training expense ($1,500 per year or more) average 24% higher profit margins.
  3. Communication: According to a Wyatt Study, with good communication there was a 30% increase in market value.
  4. Coaching: According to the Personal Management Association, coaching yielded an 88% positive impact.
  5. Leadership Flexibility: According to Blanchard, Hersey, Goleman, managers that incorporated leadership flexibility saw 15%-20% more results.
  6. Recognition: According to a Jackson ROI Study, there was a triple return on equity for companies with more recognition than those companies who do less.
  7. Promotions/Incentives: According to the Performance Improvement Institute, promotions and incentives had a 22% impact on results.
  8. Guest Loyalty: According to a Bain Research study, a 5% improvement in Guest retention improves profit 25% or more.
  9. Hiring: According to the Personnel Policy Service, the right hire saves 3 times the annual salary
Bespoke Solutions

All of our programs are built to make you a success. Which means we build them according to your specific and unique needs. This doesn’t mean we “customize” them to fit your business (which means nothing more than taking a templated program and tweaking it to fit your situation). We personalize them 100% from the beginning to ensure that we leverage every unique aspect of your business in order to innovate your ability to create success. This is a very critical difference.

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