GuestX™ – Mystery Shopping On Steriods


GuestX™ is our enhanced and all encompassing mystery shopping program used by businesses, hotels, spas and resorts, nightclubs and bars and caterers in all 50 states and 37 countries. It’s the # 1 Guest Experience Measurement Program in existence.

GuestX™ is designed to measure the uniqueness of your businesses guest experience and give you the specific information you need to understand how well you are executing on an every guest, every day basis. Below is an outline of how the program is designed to give you the outcomes you need.

Our GuestX™ program takes the guess work out of measuring guest satisfaction, helping you to fine tune your services and deliver them in such a way that your customers speak highly of your brand, turning into your best sales people, rather than turning to your competitors. A professional secret shopping program will show you exactly what your business looks like and how it could look even best from the guest’s perspective. It allows you to accurately measure team performance and best understand how your procedures impact the guest experience.

Armed with this information, you can confidently introduce profitable changes to your business and coach your team to peak performance.

Our Evaluator Team

Carefully selected and placed Evaluators are the core of our business. We do not employ just “Mystery Shoppers”. Rather, we work with highly trained individuals who possess proven guest experience in the hospitality sector.

Therefore, we go through a vigorous selection process to ensure applicants meet our standards. In fact, only 20% of the evaluators that apply to work with us are ultimately selected.

After each evaluation, Evaluators receive feedback and are continually coached by our staff.

All of this is done to secure the most thorough and professional feedback for your business so you can objectively monitor service improvements, operational excellence, and overall guest satisfaction.

Customized Evaluations

We provide information that supports the improvement of both service standard delivery and strategic decision-making. Our findings have helped companies optimize operations, improve human-resource management, develop and enhance brand image, and improve the customer experience.

We customize all of our services, tailored to your needs. Because our clients have their own specific provisions, all of our questionnaires are individually created in order to best target and retrieve each client’s priority data. Many of our clients offer several services under one operational roof; like dining, bar, valet and hotel stays. Because of this, we have mastered the ability to merge all necessary requirements into one comprehensive format, and in doing so, collect the vital information for the client to best implement their outcomes.

Bespoke Solutions

All of our programs are built to make you a success. Which means we build them according to your specific and unique needs. This doesn’t mean we “customize” them to fit your business (which means nothing more than taking a templated program and tweaking it to fit your situation). We personalize them 100% from the beginning to ensure that we leverage every unique aspect of your business in order to innovate your ability to create success. This is a very critical difference.

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