Performance vs Values

You’ve heard it time and time again: “Hire For Values, Train For Skills” here’s why that’s critically important.

You need people who can perform and who also share your values. A server who can sell the heck out of your menu but is abrasive to every other employee they encounter is a problem. So is the employee who everyone loves, but is constantly showing up on the low-end of every performance metric.

You want employees to have both. But you can’t attract those “A” Players so you settle for some of each and hope for the best.

Here’s a chart that defines the issue for you:

“A” Players are high performers and also share your values. Enough said.

“B” Players are low performers but who share your values. This could be new-hires who simply need more training and Coaching in order to be proficient and effective in their roles.

“C” Players are high performers but who don’t share your values. These are the people who are proficient in their roles but who talk about you, your business or others behind their back. You need to fire these people today.

“D” Players are low performers and do not share your values. They are pretty self-explanatory also. Don’t hire them.

Now all that’s left is to define your ‘Values’ and  establish what ‘High-Performance’ looks like.

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