14 Typical Coaching Participant Traits For Success

I have coached literally hundreds of very successful operators, executives, managers and employees.

When I think about what they all have in common, I created this list of 14 traits. How many of them do you have?

  1. Restaurant and Hospitality managers, executives, professionals, owners, and individual contributors working within a hospitality based organizational structure.
  2. Need for independent, objective, experienced Coaching on either business issues or personal style issues to enhance competence, performance, and/or image.
  3. Accepts feedback well, positive, negative and mixed, then willing to change behaviors and/or think about issues in a new context. I am no “yes” man – you WILL be challenged!
  4. Results-oriented and pragmatic.
  5. Has a strong desire to improve now.
  6. Has some idea of what they want to achieve
  7. Needs inspiration, not motivation.
  8. Wants more than the “average” entrepreneur. Can’t stand the word “average”.
  9. Can be honest with themselves about their strengths and weaknesses
  10. Can be patient enough to see outcomes.
  11. Can make time for the Coaching in their schedule.
  12. Can follow through on commitments, assignments and time lines.
  13. Requires assistance with specific issues and/or with short/long-term plans, or needs a sounding board to ensure the validity of current behaviors and performance.
  14. Needs absolutely confidential help at key times, and requires a fast response with options for action.
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