What I Won't Do

It’s easy for consultants to talk about what they will do. But, here is what I won’t do!

I will never…..

  1. Give any project less than 100% of the passion and energy I give to all of them!

  2. Bill a client for work I never did.

  3. Fail to help a client just because I think I won’t get paid.

  4. Lie about what I think is the right course of action for my clients just because I think I won’t receive more business from them if I do!

  5. Tell a client what they want to hear just to save my bill!

  6. Take on a client who is knowingly violating any laws or moral codes of conduct.

  7. Condone stealing from guests, clients, staff, vendors, partners or anyone else who has a stake in the outcome of my work.

  8. Fail to follow up to see how a client is doing after my project with them is finished.

  9. Leave a client “hanging” after a project is completed, on anything that would impact the outcomes of our work together regardless whether the work to be done was part of the original project or not.

  10. Give any client a bill for any work based on an hourly rate!

  11. Surprise a client with extra work charged due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

  12. Divulge any information about my clients, or their projects, to anyone without their permission.

  13. Take on a project that I do not think I will be able to make the best impact than any other consultant.

  14. Engage in any unethical behaviors that will reflect badly on my reputation, my clients, my partners, my friends, my family, or my God.

  15. Tolerate unethical or illegal behaviors from myself, my clients, or my partners.

  16. Take on clients who are not as passionate about success for the people they surround themselves with, as much as they are their own.

  17. Take on a client whose project I am not familiar with, just for the paycheck.

  18. Fail to help those who need it, as best I can, but who cannot afford it.

  19. Fail to be a positive beacon for change.

  20. Give up on a client’s success just because of any serious challenges or obstacles that must be overcome at great expense.