13 Statistics About Restaurant Technology

Restaurants have been heavily impacted by technological innovation. Guests now expect (demand) that businesses cater to their appetite for technology. Here are some statistics that will help you understand what restaurant guests say they want from their dining experience.

  1. Seventy (70) percent of smartphone owners look at restaurant menus on their devices. (Source: QSR Online)
  2. Today, 95 percent of independent restaurants do not have a mobile website. (Source: Food Tech Connect)
  3. Despite a perceived impact on consumer loyalty, only 16 percent of restaurants have a mobile app. (Source: Food Tech Connect)
  4. More than 80 percent of diners browse menus online before they go out, making websites — especially mobile-responsive ones — a must. (Source: IT Business)
  5. About 60 percent of consumers have read an online review at least once before visiting a restaurant. (Source: National Restaurant Association)
  6. Moreover, 34 percent of consumers say online reviews play a factor when deciding where to eat. (Source: National Restaurant Association)
  7. A one-star increase in Yelp rating can lead to a corresponding increase in revenue of anywhere between five to nine percent. (Source: National Restaurant Association)
  8. Almost 80 percent of consumers agree that technology improves their restaurant experience. (Source: Pymnts.com)
  9. More than 80 percent of restaurant owners in the U.S. say technology would “help increase sales, make their restaurant more productive, and give their business a competitive edge.” (Source: Pymnts.com)
  10. More than two-thirds of consumers think businesses should use SMS and texting to communicate with them. (Source: SAP via Marketing Charts)
  11. Almost half of limited-service restaurants say they are lagging when it comes to technological innovation and adoption. (Source: National Restaurant Association)
  12. Seventy-eight (78) percent of limited-service restaurants and 90 percent of franchisees say technology in a restaurant provides a competitive advantage. Similar numbers agree that technology makes their operation more profitable. (Source: National Restaurant Association)
  13. More than 90 percent of smartphone users search for information about restaurants on their devices — and 84 percent of them contact a business using their devices as a result of a search. (Source: Food Tech Connect)
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