10 Things Really Amazing Restaurant & Hotel Employees Do

After four decades of hiring, training and coaching literally thousands of employees, I’ve come to look for certain behaviors that define really amazing employees. Here’s my top 10 list. Afterward, let me know what you would add.

1. Go beyond service to actually create hospitality.

The steps of service are just not enough for them or their guests. They personalize and amplify every guest experience, understanding the difference between service and genuine hospitality.

2. Live the 200% rule.

They are 100% responsible for their own behaviors and are 100% responsible for those around them. This is more than a job for them – this is about them being part of (creating) something special. They demand that everyone around them perform at their level

3. Own their business.

Great employees come to me to tell me what problems they encountered and how they solved them. Great employers understand that empowerment without the authority to act on it is nothing more than manipulation. They think about tomorrow and not just today’s shift.

4. Are solidly professional.

They understand their business is the business of the guest. They pay extremely close attention to the details of every experience. They learn from missteps and are constantly seeking input into how they can improve – not from you but from the guest.

5. Have a mastery of the fundamentals.

With it they thrive on chaos. These people are your weed wackers. Constantly smiling, happy, having fun and still get everything you throw at them done – even before you walk away from telling them what that is.

6. Always learning new stuff.

Always demanding to do new things, trying new stuff, doing different things – keeping what works and moving on quickly when it doesn’t. These are the people who drive the best innovation in your business.

7. Always teaching new stuff they’ve learned.

Their excitement at doing, trying and learning new things spills over into sharing it with everyone they can corral.

8. Participate in the community.

Does volunteer work. Gives back to the community that supports them. They also have fun outside of work – constantly going places and doing things to have fun and enjoying the fruits of their labor. They also surround themselves with the best friends and support system – making sure some of them also work along side of them.

9. Have a plan for success.

Ask them where they’ll be in a year and you’ll get the goal, the strategy and the tactics.

10. Create sales.

These people track their own sales targets and are always looking to increase their business. These employees are the ones who pay for the rest of your staff.

The point to remember is that to have a staff full of these world-class employees is to understand that they must be grown. Your job as the employer is to demand this level of execution and then reward the hell out of it!

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