Why Do Restaurants Fail?

How do you make a small fortune in the restaurant business? Start with a large one.

The question: Why do restaurants fail has been asked and answered a million different ways. The problem is that every amateur business major has an answer that they think is THE answer except they are all mostly symptoms of the disease.

They fail because the operator didn’t ask for help. Everything else is a symptom of this disease: finance, marketing, operations, etc… even sameness.

Blame it on ego, arrogance, stubbornness or what have you.

An operator simply can’t go it alone and expect to succeed. In four decades, I have yet to see a single operator who was good at all 5 of the fundamentals. 

I’ve seen them good at culinary/operations but bad on business.

I’ve seen them good with the business but have absolutely no creativity in the kitchen or able to deal with the complexity of successfully running a shift.

The combinations of a few positives and critical negatives can be done all day. It doesn’t change the fact that with help you can cover all the critical fundamentals.

You don’t have to fail.

And asking for help is something we all need to do more of.

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